Noam Chomskys educational status

Noam Chomsky said in an interview that "rich, privileged westerners [...] are well educated and therefore deeply irrational". Well, it's certainly true about him, but it is usually not a good idea to expect everybody else to be like yourself. But should we require that level of insight of Noam Chomsky? He is, after all, well educated.

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Jörgen sa...

A telling quote from the article:

One of the good things about the internet is you can put up anything you like, but that also means you can put up any kind of nonsense. If the intelligence agencies knew what they were doing, they would stimulate conspiracy theories just to drive people out of political life, to keep them from asking more serious questions ... There's a kind of an assumption that if somebody wrote it on the internet, it's true."

Is there? It's clear, suddenly, that Chomsky's opinion can be as flaky as the next person's; he just states it more forcefully. I tell him that most people I know don't believe anything they read on the internet and he says, seemlessly, "you see, that's dangerous, too."

To sum it up, if you believe in what you read on the Internet, you're stupid. If you are critical, you are stupid too. Only Chomsky knows the truth, through an internal process of pure genius, consisting of 100% pure self esteem.

If you become one of his followers, you can heve self esteem to. For nothing. Elite without breaking a sweat.

Wille sa...

Lovely logical slip-up:
rich + well-educated = irrational.

Huh? I seem to be missing a couple of steps in the deduction process..